Will it Work


So you want to give up smoking… But you know you your strong willed or you have tried hypnosis in the past. Your not really a believer or you think you can’t be hypnotised.… Perhaps you are the other end of the scale… You want to give up smoking but you don’t think you can, or you have tried everything in the past.

If this is you that’s great! Why – because you want to give up smoking!

To date, Hypnotist Mark Anthony has stopped a countless amount of people smoking using his ‘Simply Easy‘ Method. The estimated success rate is 82% based on our unique money back guarantee. We base this on the number of people who re attend and money that has been refunded.

Whether you smoke one, two, three packs of day, consider yourself a ‘social’ smoker, or only smoke whilst drinking, driving or any activity – Hypnotist Mark Anthony’s ‘Simply Easy‘ Method can work for you. Hypnotist Mark Anthony has heard every ‘excuse’ for smoking – and at this point in time there has been no excuse that has out done the‘Simply Easy‘ Method.

* You are strong willed… Great! Hypnosis is using the power of your unconscious mind to harness that and help make you a happy non smoker.

* You have tried hypnosis in the past… Every hypnotist works differently including Hypnotist Mark Anthony. Hypnotist Mark Anthony is a highly recognised, certified and trusted hypnotist with many success stories and testimonials. Hypnotist Mark Anthony has written this method personally, and unless you have been to his ‘Simply Easy Method seminar – you haven’t tried this unique hypnosis process – because it is exclusive to Mark and hasn’t been sold out or licensed. We do know there are companies trying to copy our system, however we also know they can not follow up and support you as a client like we do.

* You don’t believe in hypnotism… There are skeptics at every show and seminar Hypnotist Mark Anthony does – yet that doesn’t stop the hundreds of testimonials he receives. Whilst there is a hypnosis session during the seminar, it makes up just one component of the ‘‘Simply Easy‘ Method. You don’t have to be a believer – just be open-minded. If you are adamantly closed minded and not even open to the suggestion on hypnosis (We’d be very surprised you are even on our website) but will have to suggest that this is not the stop smoking method for you.

* You’re scared or nervous. This is so common with hypnosis and stopping smoking. Hypnotist Mark Anthony and his friendly team will ease those pre-seminar nerves in no time and you will be feeling relaxed and comfortable before you even know.

* You don’t think you can be hypnotised… That’s fine, again we deal with skeptics everyday, and again, hypnosis only makes up part of this amazing seminar. All in all – if you have never tried to be hypnotised, this is the best reason to give it a go.

* You tried to be hypnotised on stage and it didn’t work… Stage hypnosis is different to the hypnosis that is used in a clinical sense. The inductions are a lot harsher and faster and as a result, only work for highly susceptible people. During the ‘‘Simply Easy‘ Method, Hypnotist Mark Anthony uses a very gentle, relaxing approach – which works for anyone who can remain with their eyes closed. We are not trying to achieve a deep level of hypnosis – just a relaxed enough trance that will open the gateway into your unconscious mind.

* You have tried everything and nothing worked, and you feel like you will never give up... We know first hand that quitting smoking can be expensive and heart breaking when it doesn’t work – you literally feel like your money went up in smokes – and that’s why we have our money back guarantee. If the ‘Simply Easy‘ Method doesn’t work for you, and you have followed it 100%, and Hypnotist Mark Anthony is satisfied that you genuinely tried and exhausted all avenues – we will refund your money – making it no financial risk, and could possibly fulfil your stop smoking dream.