Why SimplyEasy?

Simply… Because it has been developed by Australia’s leading and most recognized hypnotist.
Simply… Because it is affordable
Simply… Because it is easy and
Simply… Because it works!

AND…. Hypnotist Mark Anthony now offers a money back guarantee With so many ‘Quit Smoking’ clinics and methods available today – it is hard to know who to choose to guide you on your Stop Smoking journey. Hypnotist Mark Anthony has had people mimic his name (Yes… Mark Anthony is his legal name, not shortened like Mark Anthony Smith etc), and had people attend his seminar pretending to be smokers to see how he is achieving these amazing results.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony is one of the busiest and most respected and recognized Hypnotists in Australia today. He has appeared on many top rated television news programs including ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 10 News, Queensland Local News, has had articles on news.com.au, appeared on many top rated radio stations and newspapers, proving hypnosis really is the leading and most successful way to become a ‘HAPPY NON SMOKER’ forever!

Hypnotist Mark Anthony wrote the ‘Simply Easy‘ Method in 2008. He put countless hours of research into the ‘Simply Easy‘ Method and reflected on past experiences of starting smoking at the age of eight, being a pack a day smoker by the ago of 19, and the tragic loss of his grand father who died from cancer of the throat.

Today, the ‘Simply Easy‘ Method has helped hundreds of people to become Happy Non Smokers. It is one of the most cost effective methods today. And to prove that he truly believes his method, Hypnotist Mark Anthony offers a lifetimeĀ guarantee – there aren’t too many methods that offer that.