Hypnotist Mark Anthony is available to teach his ‘Simply Easy‘ Method to employees of companies who want more productivity from their employees. As smoking costs workplaces millions of dollars across Australia annually, it is not hard to see why a small investment into your employees can get you BIG results.

The average smoking employee costs a business an unprofitable $4200.00, causes tension between smoking and non smoking employees, are higher to insure, and take an average of 6 more sick days a year due to smoking related diseases.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony can hold seminar in your work place or at the Gold Coast Clinic for your employees – at a time that suits your business hours. We can make payment arrangements for your employees or give you an idea of fantastic incentive programs where businesses offer to pay for their employees to attend (a small investment into your employees to achieve a smoke free work place is a big profit in itself)

We would like to talk to you in detail with how we can achieve a more profitable business for you by becoming a smoke free work place – so please contact us or give us a call.